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Gas Sample Dryer Gas Humidification
  • BE Series Moisture Exchangers

    • Simple installation, only requiring the BE series product to be placed in line and exposed to surrounding atmosphere
    • Consistent performance over time through continuous regeneration
    • Long service life by maintaining performance through repeated use
    • Chemically resistant to most gases being detected

  • MH™-Series Humidifiers

    • Humidify gas streams exclusively in the vapor phase
    • Humidify adjustment by varying the water temperature
    • Humidity up to 98% RH
    • Flow Rates to 20 l/min
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Sterile

  • FC™–Series Fuel Cell Humidifiers

    • Very high efficiency
    • No power consumption
    • No freeze/thaw issues
    • Self-limiting humidification
    • Compact and robust
    • Gas to Gas or Water to Gas humidification
    • Suitable for use with H2